Policy for quality: ISO 9001:2000

At a time when customers demand ever better service and efficiency, we have to make ourselves stand out from the competition through the quality associated with our services, through our continual search for improvement and through our respect for the environment.

It is only by having this commitment that we will satisfy customer expectations.

At Ciudad Verde s.l.u., these quality standards and our good name are important to us. We believe in people, we believe that the world can become a better place and we believe that we can help make this happen.

Every little helps. Our contributions, no matter how small, are important. Every purchase we make that is both practical and supportive makes a difference

With this in mind, our policy for quality and the environment is constantly monitored and is based on the following principals:

- Fulfilling contractual requirements.
- Reviewing supplier and subcontractor performance.
- Planning, controlling, and closely monitoring procedures.
- Training the workforce.
- Choosing the most suitable corrective/preventative treatments and following
the process through.
- Analysis of performance in order to continuously improve the system of
Integrated Management.
- Compliance with Rules and Regulations.
- A workforce that is, Trained, Skilful, Capable and Aware.


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